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You can roll your eyes about how Harry Potter is a book for children. You can be disgusted by adults talking about Harry Potter characters and Houses and suchlike as if they were real. But at it's heart, Rowling wrote a series about standing up to the Dark bravely, even when there looked to be no hope.

These days, with Donald's personal security detail, with the Republican Party attempting to remove their own Ethics Committee, with determination to destroy abortion rights, to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, to gouge every penny from Social Security and Medicaid, to encourage racial hate, to sell public lands to oil pipelines, these days more than ever we need to take our inspiration from wherever we can find it.

What the Seventh Years were doing while Harry, Ron and Hermione were looking for the Horcruxes. How young men and women stood up to threats, torture, propaganda, and fought a war against racists and elitists and liars in government.

We must stand. We must fight. We must have hope that our fellows will be beside us against tyranny and hatred. We must win against the Darkness.


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