Sep. 28th, 2016

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Fuck that Trump-voting twat of a neighbor across the street, right in the ear. Fuck her retarded adult football-playing gorilla of a son who parks like a three-legged tortise across multiple parking spaces. Fuck her husband who is the poster child for redneck fuckwits everywhere. Fuck the creepy dude who comes over and does something regularly in-house with their younger child, and who also parks like an insensitive cunt.

Fuck her attitude, she's not the damn mayor of the street, no matter what her personal opinion is. How dare she complain about my next door neighbor when he catches her pulling up his plants in front of his house because "they interfere with parking". And when I ask why why she is parking in front of his house, I get the standard entitled modern ameri-cunt tirade of "well let's see, it's a free country" among other things, and then get told to mind my own business.

Bitch did you just?

Girl, anyone who stands on the corner can hear you gossiping from inside your house. You never shut up, you have an opinion on every damn thing, and you tell ME to mind MY business?

Congratulations. Not only do the neighbors on either side of *us* despise you from across the street, and the neighbors with whom you share a wall (the poor bastards, who get to listen to you and your husband and your children scream at each other all the time, in addition to the noise of your daycare service) but when you lipped off to me and proclaimed that MY husband moves his vehicle for you because you deserve it for your mere fabulous existence on street cleaning days, I made sure that my husband heard all about your nonsense, and he will no longer be giving you the courtesy. He paid that karmic debt to you, you can choke on a cock.

Find somewhere else to park, go inconvenience someone else. Or better, how about you move your bench and potted plans from your covered onsite parking pad and use it for it's proper purpose, which would be a courtesy to ALL the neighbors on the street.

Don't use MY husband in an argument against Me, you cow.

Fuck off, go away. Please move. Like seriously, you and your entire family suck.


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