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The modern adventures of Han and Kylo.

"Don't open it, Leia" DYING I AM DYING AND DED
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This will always be reposted

The world has been made safe now
From oceans to mountains so steep
It's time to put down your shield, captain
And go the fuck to sleep.

The hammers are all sitting still now
The bilchsteim as docile as sheep
I don't care that it's daytime in Asgard
This is Earth, and we fucking sleep.

The spiders are safe in their webs now
Their bites will make no one else weep
This is your official downtime, agent
Use it to fucking sleep.

The bows have all been unstrung now
The arrows have made their last leap
I don't care whose room you nest in
Just go the fuck to sleep.

The formulas have all been proven now
The scanners are doing their sweep
You know what I hear helps when you're angry?
Going the fuck to sleep.

No more AIs hacking my system now
No more damn machines that go beep
So put down that soldering iron
You can dream up reactors while you sleep.

Yes, seventy years is a long time
To be dozing way down in the deep
But I know you're tired, stop lying
And go the fuck to sleep.

The astrophysicists are stargazing
Or would be, if their attention you didn't keep
Who even taught you about skype sex
Wait, I don't care, just sleep.

Tomorrow you can work on your ledger
Tomorrow through corridors you'll creep
But tonight I really don't need you
Get the fuck off the bridge and sleep.

The hawks tuck under their wings now
The little chicks no longer cheep
You want me to stop making bird puns?
Go the fuck to sleep.

The monitors dim their glow now
And the data is all in a heap
Yes, fine, we'll move a cot to the lab
If you promise to just fucking sleep.

The helicarrier moves quietly now
And aboard there's not even a peep
Oh shit, what the fuck, Stark
Get back to your room and sleep!
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Turned on NPR this morning even before coffee, and heard an interview with David Bowie. The reported then went on to say "David Bowie was..."

Wait, WAS?

Lemmy last week; David Bowie last night.

Oh, the band in the afterlife of choice, how marvelous you must be.
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This is a hell of a read. Seriously, it's 71 pages. It's exhausting and fascinating and brutal and eye-opening.

I am grateful for the partner I have, as I read this. No, he's not perfect. But i don't read it nodding, thinking "I need a divorce".

"Emotional Labor". It's a megathread on, well, emotional labor, and the continued gender imbalances in relationships and homemaking. Take some time. Read it.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers are in the article linked below.

It's got some interesting takes on nerds, villains and culture. Don't read if you are just going to bitch about being spoilered.
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Coloring books for adults

Includes stained glass, Egyptology, Game of Thrones, Japan, the Middle Ages, and more. It includes a link to coloring books for children.


Dec. 14th, 2015 03:10 pm
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The artist has been kind enough to put his art up as photos so that it can be printed and then colored in.

Coloring books for grown-ups, indeed!
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Is this the same sort of mindset that allows college students to demand a safe space away from words that offend them?
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I dunno about profoundly disturbing, I mean sex is weird enough on it's own, with weird noises and dumb faces. What's adding some lumber?
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HM Queen Elizabeth II cracks up as she realizes the man in the uniform is actually her husband of 68 years, Prince Philip.

I love this picture. Love it.


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