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F'ing tired, uh huh. Was having an intruiging dream about being a medieval detective or something when the alarm went off. Something about cats and erasing heraldry and a murder. Dunno.

This is not work safe, only because the blogger curses more than I do. Otherwise, it's cute animals that make your teeth itch.

Boss comes back tomorrow, so I'm doing a week's worth of catching up in a comfortable and relaxed manner, so that tomorrow I can just drop a pile of files on his lap and wash my hands like Pilate. I fully expect that I'll be running around like an idiot anyway, because of his insecurities and lack of planning, but that's neither here nor there.

Today I wear "Tezcatlipoca". Hubby still likes "Anne Bonny" best, but we shall see...
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Dinner with the in-laws was remarkably pleasant. MIL was all perky and whatever, I guess she was excited about presents and church or something. Either way, I'm grateful!

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Last night, instead of going shopping at the MALL OF DOOM, I chatted. Which was a pretty fair trade-off, as far as I'm concerned :) Got to chat with [ profile] zohra, and [ profile] jennytheonly (and her cat), [ profile] frogmaus, and [ profile] pyrogus, and even [ profile] mollfrey!!!

[ profile] mollfrey was downright cruel, reminiscing about Auntie Annie's at Park City *shudder* Thanks for reminding me of my current reality! LOL

Jenny's kitty got to type a few words (if "222222222222233333333333333" counts as a word) in the chat room, utterly adorable. I think that may be cat for "HI! Are you assholes gonna come over here and play with me, or am I gonna have to lay a smackdown on your enthumbed bipedal asses??".

Or not ;)

Had a nightmare about being trapped in a parking garage by zombies, no fun. So woke up at 3:30am, managed to freeze the computer by reading my email, and went back to bed, whereupon Le Princess hopped onto the bed and thence to my pillow. I lifted the blanket so that she could snuggle under, she looked, and then ignored the warm cavern of blankets to lick my forehead. I tried again, she looked, and again licked my forehead. I tried AGAIN, and this time she starting licking my nose. I suppose I was filthy, but 4:30am is not the time for face-licking, so she was grabbed and pulled under the blakets, much like people were pulled under by trapdoor spiders in Eight Legged Freaks. She stayed for a while, and then suddenly had an appointment somewhere else in the apartment (or as hubby said "MARTIANS!")

The alarm this morning was particularly offensive.

Broke in the waffle iron this morning, I have not seen hubby so incredibly happy in a long time - who knew a $10 waffle iron could change someone's life so dramatically??

I have a knot right behind my sternum, and have had a dry cough for a few days. Dunno why it's hard to breathe, but it's pretty annoying. Maybe if I get emphysema, hubby will quit smoking?
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Last night I dreamed I killed a man. I don't know who it was, or remember why it had to be done, but it was necessary, and I did it. I remember feeling very grim in the dream.
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Short Survey )

I am so damn tired. Bought a copy of Ghost Ship on Saturday, and I really don't DO most horror movies, as my subconcious just sucks up the imagery and has a field day. But hubby had rented it some time ago and I enjoyed it (as much as I can enjoy a horror movie), and Gabriel Byrne and Karl Urban are good actors, among others, and it wasn't a 1985 gore-fest, so I bought a copy when I saw it on sale. Didn't actually even watch it last night, just watched all of the behind-the-scenes bios and featurettes. And spent the ENTIRE night having "28 Days Later" nightmares - not "oh, I dreamed I was being chased by a zombie and went back to sleep the end", no no no. Having diseased-zombie dreams where I got to relive the entire length of "28 Days Later" in 4 part harmony and lush technicolor, which would PICK UP AND CONTINUE AFTER I WENT BACK TO SLEEP, and was sort of SCA and sort of NYC and had nothing to do whatsoever with "Ghost Ship" and I am so damn tired because I slept like utter crap after a full evening of interrupted nightmare-riddled sleep.

I love trying to shower in a room where most of the doors and windows are barricaded with steel plates and even the shower stall has a low barrier that has to be stepped over, and in spite of that a legless zombie tries to drag itself over the shower barrier and gnaw on my damp leg. Love it. And running upstairs climbing over piles of grocery carts, and trying to find people who aren't zombies so that we can make a haven, and having to wake people up because if we don't they'll be eaten and turn into more zombies.

So I had 1.5 cups of coffee today, and learned that if you're using flavored creamer, you need less sugar *skwff*, and am so incredibly tired that the coffee has had exactly no negative effect on me whatsoever - no shaking hands, no anxiety, no nervousness, no 85-wpm typing skills. Nope. Just sorta awake. Ugh. Did I mention I was tired?
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