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Dear Alt-Right or whatever you ignorant racists are calling yourself these days:

If you need surgery, I hope you get a businessman to perform the operation, instead of a surgeon and a nurse.

If you go out for a restaurant dinner, I hope you get a businessman to prepare the food, instead of a chef.

If you need a new pair of shoes, I hope a businessman glues them, instead of a cobbler.

If you need a new car, I hope it's welded and screwed together by a businessman, instead of assembled on the line.

If you need IT to fix your computer, I hope you call a businessman, instead of tech support.

If you need someone to administer assistance after you wreck your car, I hope you deal with a businessman, instead of EMS.

If you are mugged, I hope a businessman responds to your 911 call, instead of a uniformed officer.

If you get a burst pipe in your home, I hope a businessman shows up with a wrench and a bucket, instead of a plumber.

Because that is what just happened when you elected a so-called "businessman" as President of the United States of America.
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Jesus Christ, Yahoo, do you have to slap a photo of some smug birther with two toddlers hanging from her teats on my main news page?

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Posted on FL

hey who is the guy from lancaster that does fetish photography?

I know he has a studio there and I think he works with a female but I cant remember for the life of me who it is....its on the tip of my brain....HEEEEELP...

Because there is only one photographer per county. By planetary law.
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There is construction going on next door, and I can look out the window to see sometimes beautiful things. Like metal banding that I couldn't get downstairs in time to claim which would be perfect for corsets and panniers, but I digress. Today I saw a pile of old 4x4's and some smooth old planks.

I made an effort to get to the shop up the street, which is a terribly twee store that sells art and objects made of reclaimed wood. They have bands come in sometimes, and seem to specialize in wine racks. Yeah, that kind of shop. So I found a saleswoman on the floor, who looked to be of retirement age, but elegantly styled.

I asked if the owners/employees did the refurbishing, or if they bought from artists, and she looked shifty but said some of it was done by the owner, and some by the restaurant owner a few doors down.

I explained that I worked next door, and she argued with me. Technically, she's right, the building next door *is* empty, but damn. We finally got past that. I explained that there were some lovely pieces of wood being thrown away in a dumpster behind the buildings, and again she argued with me. Then she suggested that I go to the restaurant a few doors down, and tell the owner, if I wanted that wood claimed faster.

I finally said look, I don't care who does it. It's beautiful wood, and it's being thrown away. Your store claims to be ecologically responsible and this is being wasted. I have no investment whatsoever in this wood, and I don't care what you do with it, I just wanted to let someone in this store know about it. Thanks very much for your time.

Frankly, I think we were both irritated at the other, but WTH. If your store claims to be all earthyfuckingcrunchy, then BE earthyfuckingcrunchy, not belligerent and argumentative and obfusticatory.

Not that I could actually AFFORD to shop there, but I think I don't need to wander in there again, yanno?
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Yesterday, all over the local news was the story of a bag found on the side of the road, full of 19 kittens. Some were already dead. Some had lost eyes from all of the desperate clawing about inside the bag. The survivors have been delivered to a local ASPCA and are being cared for.

I swear to you, if I ever find out who did this, and I have you to myself for even 5 minutes, this is what will happen to you:

You will find yourself on the ground, with metal spikes pinning you in place in your arms and feet. Strapped to your abdomen will be a metal bowl, and a pair of hungry honey badgers.

They will get out of that bowl. Through you. And I will happily give you a stick to place between your teeth so that I don't have to listen to your screaming.

You miserable piece of shit.
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Dear sneezing coughing child on the bus,

Please tell your momma to feed you less crap so that, after 18 months, you finally stop being sick, and to cover your mouth, and to turn the fuck around and STOP STARING AT ME.


No love,
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DEAR ABBY: I'm a 15-year-old girl. I go to a private school where everyone gets really nice cars for their 16th birthday. I have a 2001 compact economy car. It's nothing compared to the cars my peers get. I know if I start to drive this car when I turn 16, people will make fun of me -- behind my back and to my face. I don't want to be seen in it.
I know I should be thankful I have a car at all, but it's hard when you know you'll be made fun of mercilessly. I told my parents that I don't want to get my license because of this problem, but I really do want it. I think the reason they're not getting me another car is because of financial difficulties, so it would be unfair of me to ask for a different one.
Should I deal with the car I have and put up with the kidding, or wait two or three years to get my driver's license? -- DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY IN ST. LOUIS

DEAR DRIVING YOURSELF CRAZY: You need to grow up. You're crying poverty with a loaf of bread under both arms. You attend a private school, which isn't cheap, and your parents have given you a car. Be grateful for what you have; most teens are not so lucky. Or consider getting a job so you can start saving for an auto upgrade.
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Cuz if I wanted to be awakened by someone's car horn alarm going off an hour before the clock alarm, I'd move back to NYC.
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Unless you're not a biological woman, you're pre-menarche, or wicked post-menopausal, you're a woman with essentially normal processes and that includes girlie bits every four weeks or so. This is understood, and sympathized with. Here, have some chocolate.


There is no reason NO REASON for you to leave your wrapped f'ing bloody pad on the toilet paper roll in the office ladies room, ok?

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Please check this out. Grrrr...
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Pinches? Really? Because someone is not wearing green this day, of all days?

Elementary School much? Sheesh.

I tell you what, anyone who is dumb enough to try and grab a square inch of my flesh over something so ridiculous will be getting a metric-sized bitchslap in return.
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Just got off the phone with Pennsylvania Power & Light (PP&L). Their final bill for electricity at the apartment was unconscionable, I don't care about rate hikes or any of that nonsense. We were there for 12 days according to their records, and 6 according to mine, and $130 is outrageous and obscene.

Several unsatisfying phone calls to PP&L, and I filed a report with the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) while waiting for PP&L to get off their asses and "call me back". That's right bitches, I have learned a little bit from working in a law office, and it ain't no big thang to report a monster like your local electric copany for rampant douchebaggery.

In the meantime, got a report from PP&L of 3 years of my account history, and I can point to actual dates now and say BULLSHIT CHARGES by their own hand. What a surprise to then get a call from PP&L saying "we sent you this requested report and can't help but notice that you filed a report with the PUC, what can we do to fix this, hem hem?"

I said I wanted the bill cut in half; and while I could have probably gotten it even lower (now that I no longer live there, they are barred from examining the property to verify usage, good to know), I feel that a 50% reduction on this bill is satisfactory. I got a call back shortly after that, saying that her supervisor approved my demand, and they'd be sending out an updated final bill. Thanks so very! Eventually the PUC will send me some paperwork and I will be able to blithely close the file with a wave of my paw.

So if you are involved in a dispute with your power company, phone company, gas, or other utility company, file a formal complaint with your state's utility commission. It gets their attention, bitches,a nd puts you in the position of power, and not being a helpless account number in their computer.
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I don't understand terrorists and terrorism - what is the point of attacking randomly to punish someone else?

"We're going to blow up this thing over here which will knock down this government halfway across the planet and will impact strangers who are having a picnic, boy, won't THAT show 'em!"

Aaaaaand you succeeded in doing ... what? Pissing people off? Destroying the lives of folks who had exactly nothing to do with your personal agenda? Kudos to you for. Um.

Well, nothing, really.
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Just got some weird-ass email to the office account which seems to be confirming settlement date, but there is HTML and yammering and weirdness. Looks like graphics didn't translate well. I will take it as a positive that it relates to settlement.

In a fit of optimism (as I said to [ profile] edgeds) over lunch, I stopped by a local kitchen store that is going out of business. The fixtures will be sold with the business, but if the business does NOT sell, I have put my name on several very nice pine furniture items - shelving and a table. They could be free. They could cost some ridiculous amount and I will laugh and laugh and hang up the phone. They could be sold with the business and I will never see them again. WHO KNOWS??? dun dun dunnnn

Creepy child is creepy. I think she was raised in Italy**, cuz SHEESH. Little hispanic girl stared and stared and stared at me while I ate my fried dumplings. She'd glance at her brother running riot somewhere else, then go back to STARING at me. Kid, you're creeping me out like whoa.

** In Italy, staring is not considered rude. People will look until they get their fill, and they don't care how much it creeps out an American
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NICHOLAS? What the FUCK were the judges thinking to choose that piece of steaming catpuke? That dress was glued together, had NO personality, was NOT flattering or interesting, it had NOTHING over Epperson and Giordana's designs.

*kicks the crap out of the judges until they pull their heads out of their respective asses*

I have been informed that I am banned from TV until I stop shouting at the screen LOL

*kicks again on the way out*


Aug. 31st, 2009 08:33 pm
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I posted a link to a complete waste of time, tons of hours on something that was unwearable more than once, and certainly not able to withstand any stress like ... sitting.

I even stated I can respect someone for their creativity. But of all the things to waste your time on?

BUTTHURT SEZ It's amazing, and you might want to keep your lack of appreciation for the time and creativity that goes into art and craft work to yourself. It's not a "waste of time," just like any other hobby or pursuit that brings enjoyment.

I'll take my two art degrees, my 25+ years of sewing, professional tailoring, costume and wedding dress design business, and go eat worms, shall I?
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We are staying at the Marriott in September, and really we have no other choice at this point (hotel rooms sold out in December) but THIS?? This makes me want to boycott Mariott, change my hotel reservations,a nd go on a damn crusade againt it. WHAT. THE. FUCK??

Blaming the victim has reached a new low.

My Connecticut friends? Feel free to do as you see fit and sign my name to it after yours.

+++ Full article below.

Connecticut Marriott Claims Assault Victim Was Careless And Negligent
5:00 PM on Thu Aug 13 2009, 16,767 views

A Connecticut Marriott, which is being sued by a woman who was raped in front of her children in its parking garage, is claiming she "failed to exercise due care for her own safety and the safety of her children."

The Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa, and the firms that manage the hotel and parking garage, have filed court documents arguing that the hotel is not responsible for damages even though the woman was raped on the premises because she was careless, negligent, and didn't exercise "proper use of her senses and facilities," according to The Stamford Advocate.

The 40-year-old woman filed a lawsuit against the company in May 2008, six months after Gary Fricker of Connecticut was sentenced to 20 years in prison for pleading guilty to aggravated sexual assault, kidnapping, risk of injury to a minor and robbery. On October 10, 2008, Fricker approached the woman in the hotel's parking garage as she was loading her two children under the age of seven into their car seats in the back of her minivan. He stuck a gun in her back and she told him to take her wallet, but he demanded that she take off her clothes. He raped her and pointed a gun at one of the children and threatened to sexually assault one of them too. When another car pulled up she screamed and Fricker fled. He was arrested three days later in New York and immediately confessed.

As the Associated Press reported at the time, the woman is seeking more than $15,000 in damages against the hotel because she claims Fricker had been roaming around the hotel and parking lot for days and spent "many hours" looking for victims without ever being questioned buy hotel security. Other hotel patrons and at least one hotel employee saw him loitering in the parking lot and acting suspiciously, but no one did anything.

The woman's lawsuit claims the hotel didn't take reasonable security precautions to prevent the attack or train their employees on in basic security techniques. She said the hotel also should have known about a series of reported sexual assaults that happened in the area in the months and years before her rape.

In the papers recently filed by the hotel in preparation for the April trial, the defense claims they hadn't been notified about Fricker, that the attack was beyond their control, and that the woman and her children didn't properly "mitigate their damages." The hotel has subpoenaed several people who know the woman but were not aware of the attack, including family members, friends, a Pilates instructor, tennis partners, and a baby sitter. Attorneys for the woman, who was only identified as Jane Doe in court documents, say the subpoenas identified her to those people and were only filed in an attempt to intimidate her.

It would seem the decent thing to do (and the smarter public relations move) would have been for Marriott to cooperate with the woman from the start or pay her the damages. The defense could have just argued that no one but Fricker was responsible for the crime, but instead the hotel management is blaming the victim for endangering herself and her children. We can't understand how the woman was asking for it by buckling her two children into their car seats, but maybe the lesson to take from the defense's argument is that it's careless and negligent for a woman to assume those in charge of the Stamford Marriott will follow standard security procedures or behave in a decent, humane way.

Stamford Advocate

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Dear dumb-ass client,

Lawyers ain't free. Those that are inevitably are young and shiny and new and fresh-faced and desperate to build up a client base.

The lawyer you use? Old and greedy.

And yes, when you sign a Fee Agreement with an attorney that says "I hereby request the Law Office of XYZ to provide me with legal service and legal representation in the following specific matter(s) and any future matters:", that is legally binding. And it means that when you call us about an issue that is unrelated to whatever you came to see us about initially all those years ago, you are still obligated to pay your bills by virtue of your signature on that document.

Saying "that paper that I have my signature on? That doesn't count, that was about something totally different!", that doesn't work. Seriously.

Forgetting that the second page of your F/A clearly states "all phone calls will be charged a minimum of .2 hours" is not our problem, but it IS your responsibility.

So when your irate opposing party calls your lawyer on his cell phone on a Saturday morning before breakfast, don't inform me that you shouldn't have to pay for that call, or that your uncooperative opposing party should have to pay it. The only way your opposing party got that number in the first place is because you gave it to her, despite your saying that the only reason you gave her the number was because the opposing party wanted it for her attorney. Your opposing party may be "a liar", but aside from the obviousness that if work done on your behalf is charged to you, the fact that YOU gave her his private cell phone means that you authorized him to speak with her. I cannot believe that you actually left a message on the office answering machine bitching about how "he should have hung up on her immediately". Oh puh-LEASE.

Also, in addition to yes, being financially responsible for all the calls you made to your attorney, - even when it "was just one little question here and one little question there"- and also being financially responsible for any calls made by your opposing party to your attorney, you are ALSO financially responsible for any calls made by your husband to this office on your behalf. ESPECIALLY when your husband was a client of ours before he ever met you.

Finally, when you are nattering in my ear about how you never expected this and didn't know that and don't understand why you should have to pay for the other thing, when I try to answer your questions and give you the relevant information, do NOT tell me that you're picking up on some attitude from me. I have NO PROBLEM with explaining in small words to you that I am trying to give you the info, but you keep talking over me because I am not saying what you want to hear. Of course I will itemize this bill for you, and I will happily send it today. It is so gracious of you to inform me that you will pay what you feel is acceptable each month, and extra gracious of you to hang up on me because I don't take your bullshit.

You may be a "strong woman" or whatever, but you're also an idiot. I look forward to sending out your future itemized statements, and charging interest on the overdue balance.

** )


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