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A pleasant hour last week with the MT. She said it's curious how the pain in my toe is so very specific, and also said that it feels "tangled or twisted". I said "like while I was sleeping, someone braided all of the muscle fibers in my toe?", and she said "YES!"

OK that is weird. No, I have no memory of hurting my foot, turning it or banging it in such a way as to injure myself.

After her working on it, it does feel better. But not all better. Paying attention to what she did, I am able to work on it myself and have OH YAY found the exact spot of actual agonizing pain. Fun times.

I will keep working on it, and once Cyborg's employer gets me on his insurance, I will plod over to my GP and start the process of X-rays and stupid.
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The word are loking for is MIGRAINE, I think...

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Well. Either Paxil has changed or I have changed. I'm guessing it's more likely the latter. Picked up my scrip after work, figured better to start now and get it rolling than to wait until tomorrow morning, and popped the first one before we headed out to moms.

Poured myself a glass of wine after dinner, and the smell made me nauseous, so had only a single sip, and then left it alone. Heading home felt even worse, wondered if I would have to ask hubby to pull the car over, but made it to the apartment with no problems. Went right to bed.

Woke up 90 minutes later, blam! Tossed and turned and turned and tossed and finally gave up and headed into the living room to hopefully fall asleep on the sofa while watching a movie. Hubby took one look at me and said "What's wrong with your eyes? You look like the cat!" Turns out that my eyes were bulging out of my head, whites showing around the iris, and even when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, they still looked that way. I couldn't even relax my eyelids to reduce the effect, kinda disturbing. I was (and still am) quivering like an over-tightened guitar string, couldn't keep my leg still (drove hubby crazy!) and basically thrum.

Started watching "Pirates of the Carribean", even though I prefer to watch "Underworld" when I nap - didn't want to force hubby to sit through it AGAIN :) and headed back to bed after the Black Pearl had Miss..... Turner.... onboard. Fell asleep almost immediately, but managed to wake up every goddamn fifteen minutes to look at the clock, toss and turn and fall back asleep, and wake up fifteen minutes later and start all over again.

Woke up still trembling and nauseous. Decided that maybe I should cut the pills in half once this one cycles through and I can make my eyes focus. Got myself a fruit smoothie, still nauseous, forced myself to buy some food supplies at Market, and am looking forward to tonight when I will hopefully be able to relax.

Gee, still tired, wonder why? Thought coffee might not be the best of ideas when I'm alread feeling like an aspen leaf. Wheee!
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Here was my morning: )

On the positive side, it is the Summer solstice, and I wish all my friends joy.

And for all the women out there, check this out. Possibly not work safe, because of the words "vagina" and "cunt". But very very informative and wonderful.

Later in the day )
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The Great Hive Experiment )


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