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Pennsic is acumin in...

May Sales Tax Holiday: Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness Equipment

When: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 through Monday, May 31, 2010

What's Exempt: During this seven-day period, purchases of certain supplies and equipment needed for hurricane preparedness will be exempt from sales tax. Retailers may also choose to absorb the tax on other items during the holiday period, but they are responsible for paying the tax on those items to the Department of Taxation.

Sales Price of $60 or less
The following hurricane preparedness items may be purchased exempt of the Retail Sales and Use Tax during the “Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday,” provided that such items have a selling price of $60 or less per item.

Artificial ice, blue ice, ice packs and reusable ice
Batteries (excluding automobile or boat batteries), including
o AAA cell
o AA cell
o C cell
o D cell
o 6 volt
o 9 volt
o Cell phone batteries
Any portable self-powered light sources including
o Flashlights
o Lanterns
o Glow sticks
Tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, plastic drop cloths, and other flexible waterproof sheeting
Bungee cords, rope
Ground anchor systems or tie down kits
Ratchet straps
Duct tape
Carbon monoxide detectors
Smoke detectors
Fire extinguishers
Gas or diesel fuel tanks or containers
Water storage containers
Nonelectric food storage coolers
Bottled water
Manual can openers
Portable self-powered radios (including self-powered radios with electrical power capability)
Two-way radios
Weather band radios and NOAA weather radios
Storm shutter devices
Cell phone chargers
First Aid Kits

Sales Price of $1,000 or less
The following hurricane preparedness items may be purchased exempt of the Retail Sales and Use Tax during the “Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday,” provided that such items have a selling price of $1000 or less per item.

Portable generators and generator power cords
Inverters and inverter power cables

The Virginia Department of Taxation’s Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Guidelines and Rules are available online at
For additional information on hurricane preparation, visit the Virginia Department of Emergency Management website at
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Um, no.

"Fusion", "Cabaret" and "Tribal" are NOT acceptable styles of bellydance to brag about being "skilled in". That is all modern shit and a crap excuse to wear too much eyeliner, polyester camel tassels, and weird lame turbans that hook onto your myriad facial piercings and compliment your faux dread-locked and dyed hair.

Turkish, Sword/Cane, Gowhazee, those are acceptable.

Go sit down and shut the fuck up.
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TO [ profile] peregrine68....


We're very sorry we weren't able to make it up there yesterday, but know that we were thinking of you and are DELIGHTED that this day has finally come to pass :)

Big ol' smoochies, and post some pictures!
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Because everyone should be able to stride up to a Princess and say "Oh, you're (insert lj name here)? I'm lamia_prime!" and have her reply "You're lamia_prime? You wanna get into thorsbaby's pants! Nice to meet you!"
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Got the check (with apologies from boss) for new meds. Got paycheck a day early (yay!). Gotta go to the bank and CVS tonight before heading to mom's.

Finishing neckline of new cotte for me (Does it reek of fags? Why yes it does. Does the bag holding it reek of fags? Yes it does. Do my hands reek of fags after sewing it? Yes they do), and have only to attach the second sleeve, stitch down armsceye lining thereof, hem said sleeves, and do lacing holes. OK, I am lying. I'm updating here instead of sewing.

Called MDs office, called them idiots on the inside, asked why they sent a bill here instead of the insurance co. Spoke slowly and clearly to the receptionist, and was polite.

Finished hubby's cottes last night, have only buttons & buttonholes, and some tucking stitches at the collar linings.

Fit braies on hubby last night, the way he is proportioned that boy needs gussets cut separately, because the scrap from the leg shapes is inadequate to make gussets with any real personality. I should have that problem!!

He found his medallion, exactly where I suggested, and then had to explain that no I did NOT put it there but since I know what the packing situation was like, it seemed only logical....

Still have to make his dratted St. Louis undershirts, and cut out more braies. HOWEVER, they are all straight lines, and frankly that boy is capable, so will see if he can't make his OWN damn underwear. He offered to cut out the rest of them, but I wasn't shifting gears last night at that point.

Taught him to whipstitch last night, and he sewed the hem to his cloak all by himself, learned knots and everythig. Quite pleased and proud of him. As well as glad to have something else crossed off the list...

Liquor store. Beer distributor. Laundry. Serious packing. Cooking. All still to do, but knowing that the majority of the sewing is DONE gives me a tremendous feeling of relief.

Fuck I am tired. I hope to be able to sleep on the ride out there.

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Sewing and writing are very similar. Yeah, you can pull it outta yer bum, but it's better by far if you're inspired. And then you don't have to go back and edit.

Specific and ignorable sewing-related griping )

Still To Do before Saturday morning:

Finish my new self-supporting cotte Fought with that g/d m/f thing thing last night through "Ghost Ship" and half of "Tomb Raider" before I threw up my hands in utter disgust and went to dick around on the computer. Walking to work this am I realized that I hadn't trimmed away the excess on the right shoulder before trying to pin the linen to the bodice lining, and that was the likely solution. Once I attach the lining to the bodice, I bang in the center gore, hand stitch down the hidden front cording, and bring it to mom's for buttonhole duty.

Finish hubby's white linen cotte The white thread is hidden under some black thread on the bobbin. What my costume teacher used to refer to as "chameleon" heh. Hey, when you are using an antique machine that is made by a company that doesn't even exist any more, you don't have a lot of bobbins available for convenient purchase at the local JoAnne's. Anyway. Have to stitch down the front. Back the collar. Attach the collar to the cotte. Hem and cuff. Bring to mom's for button holing.

Go to mom's She picked up her machine from the shop this morning HURRAH, we'll go over tomorrow, so that I can slam buttonholes on hubby's last 3 cottes and my (hopefully finished by then) cotte. Yeah, sure, I can and should sew buttonholes by hand in a period manner and with silk thread on these garments but you know what? You can BITE me. I am willing to sew ONE garment's worth, but 6? Kiss my sweet patootie! [ profile] absolutfailure, sweetie, love you to death, glad you have new clothes, but I told hubby that if he outgrew THESE, I'd divorce the fat fuck. Pick up spare lantern for inside the pavilion. Give apartment keys to mom so that she can check on the cats while we're away. Give her some $ for gas.

Drugstore Went to KMart and the Dollar Store last night, but still need supplies. Non latex condoms are apparently NOT available at our local KMart. Deoderant. Votive candles. Brownie mix. Film. Camera battery (they are $6+ wtf??) Did get a cute little folding aluminum table, that makes me happy.

Finish packing That does require laundry, alas.

Cook Brownies, cookies. Gotta buy some boneless chicken. Marinate the flank steak. Cooking happens Friday night. But at least this year I'm not in the kitchen with no A/C, the oven roaring away while I saute on three pans at once while also packing AND finishing a kingdom gift at 11pm at night. Nosirree!

We'll buy water and beer en route. Wrote to the MIL that we'd pick up the van on Saturday. Wrote to mom that we'd be over tomorrow night.

What am I forgetting?
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Came home from work last night, changed into shorts, and headed out to the in-laws to work on the f'ing bed AGAIN. Ate the last peice of sour grape pie in front of my FIL for spite, and if he hadn't been such a tit he would have been given the entire piece. Darn shame that, huh?

Hubby and I went to Lowe's and agonized over solutions for slat support. We could get wider hardwood slats, oh, lord, they cost a FORTUNE (the tree-hugger in me is grateful that wood isn't cheap). We could get flat wide bunjee straps for underneath the slats to counteract the bowing. Hm, the wide black stretches exactly *this* much, aw crap that is NOT enough, and the round ones stretch enough but give me the willies cuz they'll be under so much stress. How about an aluminum square pipe? HOLY CRAP $28.95? Ok, how about this anodized support thingie over here? You don't think that it'll be strong enough, and mounting will be a PITA. OK. What about this pipe? Well, we could cannibalize the pipe from that monstrosity that dipshit H made and generously gave to us when he made something better for himself, him and his USELESS Industrial Arts POS degree, which means that everything he touches is jerry-rigged at best and pathetic at worst. Right, yes, you are right, I forgot that a 2x4 underneath won't work, as there is not enough space for it to rest on the supporting boards.

We spent enough time at Lowe's for the sun to set, and finally agreed that we would go with the bungee cords, and milk crates. Cripes. My beautiful bed design, mangled and abused and twitched enough to make me nervous about sleeping on it, much less screw on it. Argh.

Stained all of the remaining wood, including the shelf and banner poles and cross bar, in the dark, in the carport, while hubby set up the bed with the bungee and slats, and I rolled into it sans mattress to test. He pointed out that the slats bowed out most dramatically under my ass, and was rewarded later with a solid punch on the thigh when he wasn't paying attention. I managed to spatter stain on my leg, at which MIL suggested that I could drench myself in the remainder and look like I had a tan.

Ha ha.

Got home just before midnight, caught up on email, and crawled into bed, falling asleep a touch after midnight. And woke up with no alarm, and the clock proclaiming 8:20am. Yes, 8:20am, the time when I normally LEAVE for the office. The simple word spoken on my part was "oops" and bolted up for the shower. Discovered that once again the POS clock had made itself fast, and it was actually ONLY 8:10am, for the brief grace that offered. But I was out the door in 16 minutes, dressed, deoderanted and teeth brushed, if not with my hair either brushed or washed as I'd hoped. Ugh. Clearly didn't need coffee, or any other stimulant, and was grateful that there was a Quaker bar unclaimed, since all of the fruit was still rock-hard and unripened. Stupid fruit.

Gee, I'm tired now that the adrenaline has worn off, wonder why?

I realized yesterday that I have one weekend until Pennsic, and it's beginning to creep up on my brain that I am running out of time. Gotta pull my sacred list and get a-packin'! Uh huh, think I'll finish my computer game, sew later.....


Was reading an order discussion last night, and read, without naming names of course, to hubby in OUTRAGE. Seems a candidate had made the food for someone's vigil, and the food was all yummy, and there was plenty of it. And said someone extolled the virtues of the candidate, explaining that they had chosen to make certain foods in a modern way because of food allergies, primarily the food allergies of a royal peer. And I barked at the monitor, and hubby smiled at me and said "TELL HER TO GET HER OWN PROTEIN BARS!"

Ok, if you don't know the backstory to that, it's not funny. But if you know the people involved, it's fucking hilarious.

It's so lame to be so oblique, so sorry.

I don't repeat gossip. So listen carefully....


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