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Proof that the Gods love us and want us to be happy




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After the horrific events in Orlando over the weekend, the tweet of the Lt. Governor of Texas was just the icing the cake.

There are some who are good Christians, regardless of their personal theistic views. Those are people who stand in line in the June Florida sun for up to 6 hours, that they may give up their own blood for a stranger.

And then there are some who are falsely pious maggots who defy every precept and tenet of the God of Love they claim to follow.

A thousand shames on you, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. May you realize what you have done. He claims it was an unfortunately timed quote. But I think he's still an asshole.



Thoughts and prayers are useless. Oh my stars and garters, I clutch my pearls while my thoughts and prayers go to the victims!

That does not accomplish anything.


Stop it.

Does it impact you emotionally? Donate money to the victims' fund. Volunteer at a local LGBT center. Get involved in politics, either as anti-gun or pro-gay-equality.

Don't tell everyone you are thinking about the victims of a hate crime. We are all thinking about the victims.


Dec. 14th, 2015 03:10 pm
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The artist has been kind enough to put his art up as photos so that it can be printed and then colored in.

Coloring books for grown-ups, indeed!
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I dunno about profoundly disturbing, I mean sex is weird enough on it's own, with weird noises and dumb faces. What's adding some lumber?
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Oh my mercy goodness

Not Safe For Work, of course. Not just lesbian erotica, incidentally. But quite extraordinary.
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Posted on FL

hey who is the guy from lancaster that does fetish photography?

I know he has a studio there and I think he works with a female but I cant remember for the life of me who it is....its on the tip of my brain....HEEEEELP...

Because there is only one photographer per county. By planetary law.


Jul. 9th, 2014 10:16 am
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(redacted username, self identifies as sub) "I was just wondering if u ever get to Philly , if so it sound likes we can have some fun . .Please respond asap"

(Me) "You have no picture, no friends, no interests, and you require that I respond to your demands immediately without sharing any information about yourself.

That would be a big no."
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I got nuthin'. My days as a Priestess are long over.

From FL:

May I ask a favor?

Thank you. Let me ask and see....
First and foremost I mean no disrespect.

My nephew is staying with me for a month and he is a virgin.
He is 19, completely legal.

He recently came out to me that he is seeking to lose it and wanted me to help.

You may find me weird, crazy, or maybe you don't judge but I want him to lose it with a sexy, older, experienced woman.

Would you at all be interested? I want him to have a porno'esque experience and story to tell his friends.
It would be completely legit we can sign a contract before hand.
thank you for reading


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